Road Trip on the Coast of Portugal

Road Trip on the Coast of Portugal

One of the most amazing trips I’ve taken has been the road trip I took through Portugal’s coast about three years ago. 

Landed in Lisbon from Copenhagen after a 3 ½ flight. Even though Lisbon is one amazing city to visit this time we didn’t get to explore it, instead we explored other places that made this trip to Portugal one of a kind. 

Town of Salir

We hit the road running after landing in Lisbon. We rented a car and hit the A2 south bound to Algarve.

The first town that we hit after driving for about 3 hours was the town of Salir, we were pretty tired so we decided to stay the night in this picturesque town. Even though there’s no much to do in this little town it is great if you want to really have a get away and immerse yourself into portuguese traditions. We stayed and recommended Casa da Mae. To get there is a little tricky since you will have the impression that this bed and breakfast is in the middle of nowhere. I took a run in the morning after a great night of sleep and headed into town to have some espresso and some pastries. I ended up in a small local coffee shop very traditional where locals gathered to chat and enjoy coffee while reading their newspaper. 


After we had breakfast we headed to Tavira. This small town is full of richness culture and flavor. We wanted to first head to the beach and spend the day there before heading back to explore the town and spend the night at their local bars and shops, while enjoying a show in the main plaza.

Spend the day in Praia do Barril. This beach is not as crowded as many other beaches in Algarve, although its views are not as impressive as those of Albuferia. It is a great place to have a beach day before heading back to your hotel in Tavira. It features a small train that takes you right into the beach. At the beach you can have lunch and enjoy some beer and wine. 

Albufeira / Faro 

Albufeira has some of the most stunning beach views I’ve ever seen. We went there during the summer  and it was amazing. 

Although this town could feel a little over crowded with tourist  it is a great town to visit and enjoy the beach, and of course take some pictures. 

Other Places to visit

  • Zambujeira
  • Villa de Milfontes
  • Evora