Olaya Herrera Airpot

Olaya Herrera Airpot

If you are traveling through Colombia you will find that it take a long time to get around by land through buses. Even though distances between cities are not that far from each other. It could take a long time from one side to the other since Colombia’s topography is mainly mountains. 

However flying within Colombia is very cheap. Sometimes you can find flights between cities for about $30 depending on the seasons and routes. If you are flying out of Medellin into other cities in Colombia you don’t have to travel all the way to Medellin International Airport that is located in Rio Negro (about an hour drive) from Medellin. 

You can easily catch a flight at Olaya Herrera airport. Here you can find flights to other cities within Colombia including 

  •  Armenia
  • Apartado 
  • Bucaramanga
  • Cucuta Manizales 
  • Monteria 
  • Pereira
  • Quibdo
  • Bahia Solano 
  • Bogota

Main airlines: EasyFly, Staena