Las Vegas – Travel Guide on a Budget

Las Vegas – Travel Guide on a Budget

It is not a secret that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. However it is also not a secret that Las Vegas can be very expensive if you don’t plan carefully.

5 Tips to plan a Vegas vacation on budget

Stay at one of the Theme Hotels

We know that Las Vegas has many options of visitors to stay at. In my opinion Las Vegas is for all budgets

Personally I like the theme hotels as they are fun, affordable and they have everything you might want to experience in Las Vegas. Here is a list with a brief description of each of them:



New York

Also there are other options you might want to consider depending on the expletive you want to have.

Mandalay Bay


The Cosmopolitan

You can also visit downtown Las Vegas if you want to get away from the strip. You can stay around the Fremont area where there are many casino options for you to consider.

Downtown Las Vegas is a little more grungy and rough around the edges but it could be a lot of fun if you don’t monde the cigarette smoke.