Jomalig Island – Philippines

Jomalig Island –  Philippines

If you happen to be Island hopping in the south pacific we strongly recommend going to the Philippines. 

The Philippines can offer a wide variety of experiences. However this time we wanted to have a completely different experience contrasting  the experience that you would have in Manila or those touristy areas such as Boracay. 

Part of the Polillo Islands, in the province of Quezon, Philippines Jomalig is one of the least populated islands with only less than 8000 people. 

Most of the island’s land is dedicated to agriculture, the infrastructure is limited but to us that is a good thing, since you can enjoy its almost virgin beaches and plug away from the world while you immerse yourself in paradise. 

Most of the island’s coastline features golden beaches except for very few that exhibit white powdery sands such as “Little Boracay”

Jomalig Island - Little Boracay
“Little Boracay” a beach in Jomalig Island known for its powdery white sand

How to visit Jomalig Island

This island is reachable by public transportation or private tours.  But please prepare yourself mentally that this will be a long ride. 

Take a bus from Manila

From Manila you can take a bus to Ungos by boarding the Infata bound bus via Ungos. You can also choose to take a shuttle van which is around the same price and located very close to Sta. Teresita Cor Legarda bus terminal. 

Arrive at Ungos Port

Here you can board a boat (with daily trips) to Jomalig. Beware that the boat trip is around 6 hours. The boat rides usually sail very early in the morning.

Take a ride to your hotel 

Once you arrive at the Island you can take a local taxi named habai habai to your hotel 

There are other options to get to the island such as taking a charter plane from Manila. If you want to spend a little more money to get there. 

Take a bus from Manila to Infanta via Ungos to get to Ungos Port

Get to Jomalig Island via Patnanungan Port

You can also take a boat from Ungos to Patnanungan, which is an Island close by to Jomalig. 

Once you get there you can get to Jomalig Island by taking a charter boat from Patnanungan. 

Even when you can get to Jomalig Island from different surrounding Islands the fastest route is from Ungos Port. 

The Philippines
Jomalig Island is just one of the amazing Islands to discovery in The Philippines.

Beaches to visit in Jomalig Island

  • Yellow Beach
  • Little Boracay
  • Little Batanes
  • Kanaway Beach
  • Salibungot Beach

Hotels in Jomalig Island

  • Jojomaling Emerald Beach Resort
  • BT Jomalig
  • Pamana White Beach Resort
  • Hayahay Beach Resort
  • Lolita Beach Resort
Jomalig Island - Little Boracay
LIttle Boracay

Places to Visit in Jomalig Island

  • Mangrove Area at Sitio Landing
    Bigwangan Lake
    Manlanat Islet
    Buton Sandbar
    Apple’s Beach