How To Travel in 2021

How To Travel in 2021

2020 was definitely a challenging year for the travel industry. The pandemic made difficult to inspire confidence in people that were thinking of traveling.

Governments around the world advised their citizens not to travel abroad or even domestically due to the risk of getting infected. Also some of them closed their borders and placed restrictions that made it difficult for almost everyone to plan a vacation. However things might be better for 2021 ….

What the travel industry looks like in 2021

With the vaccination campaigns taking place around the word, it might take a little bit of time for things to go back to normal, maybe a year or two. However I was really surprised to see a lot of people traveling during the holidays.

For the countries whose borders were open such as the U.S and Mexico they started to reopen their tourist spots with some restrictions. In some places in Mexico that rely 100% on tourism revenue. It was almost a death sentence if they didn’t do so.

Confinement fatigue

Many people were exhausted of being confined and not being able to see their family and friends or even enjoy a day at the beach.

Some of us took the risk and traveled with extra care. And for my surprise many others did the same.

2021 will bring a lot more confidence for travelers to start planning their trips. With governments rolling out their vaccination campaigns and progressively opening their borders. The travel industry will be eventually be restored. Don’t expect for this to happen over night. International travel will be restricted at least until summer. But people will be getting out there depending on travel restrictions.

When should I start planning my next trip ?

Well it all depends…. if you are taking a vacation abroad check on the travel of state site the travel restrictions for each country. Make sure that you won’t get stuck in a country due to travel restrictions. I would wait until at least summer to plan for a full vacation for the next fall. By then hopefully governments have lifted up some of the restrictions.

Make sure that you add travel insurance at least for some part of your trip along with refundable tickets just in case. I learned the lesson the hard way. So if you have to cancel your trip last minute and / or even if In the worst scenario you need to cancel or modify your trip you won’t loose as much money.

We want to wish you an amazing 2021 and we hope you get to travel and enjoy yourself safely. We hope we can all together again share our travel stories as things go back to normal

Happy new year!