Discover Guatape in Colombia

Discover Guatape in Colombia

If you are traveling through Medellin you will find out that some of the points of interest in and around Medellin and in Antioquia is Guatape.

It is worth it to spend the night there and probably have a two day to explore and relax in Guatape. 

What to see and What to do

One of the main tourist attractions for Guatape is El Peñol which is a huge rock that you can see from almost any corner of the town. 

Breathtaking views from the top of El Peñol can be appreciated once you get to the top. From the top you can see the beautiful scenery created by the dam that adorns the view with its turquoise waters. 

At the base of the rock you can find food vendors and you can spend the day climbing to the top and enjoying a well deserved bandeja paisa to refuel your energy. 

After that you can spend the day at the Guatape town zocalo exploring its colorful facades that give this pueblo its picturesque essence. 

To get to Guatape from Medellin is actually pretty easy, and you have many options.

The cheapest option is to go catch a bus at Terminal Norte, which depending where you are in Medellin you can take a yellow taxi (Uber does not currently operate in Colombia).