CBX Parking

CBX Parking

If you live in the West Coast and especially in Southern California, and want to take a trip to Mexico. A better option than flying out of LAX and or San Diego, is to travel from Tijuana International Airport. And I know what a lot of you are thinking…

CBX Parking San Diego - Tijuana

Well I don’t really want to cross the border by land. It is dangerous to cross into Mexico. Where will I park my car?

Well, here is the thing.. A lot of people don’t know about the CBX point of entry from San Diego (Otay Mesa), into Tijuana airport. This point of entry connects both countries into Tijuana Airport, thats right; NOT into Tijuana but rather INTO TIJUANA AIRPORT. So it is a facility on the U.S side where you go through customs but then when you cross you cross right into Tijuana Airport.

This can save you a lot of time and money because once you are in Tijuana you are taking a domestic flight within Mexico. So you can take a direct flight to Cancun, or Mexico City directly from Tijuana


CBX Parking Facilities

One of the easiest ways to travel into Tijuana from the CBX if you live anywhere in SoCal is to drive to the CBX facility. One you are there, you have a parking options: