5 Thing to do in Monterey Bay California

5 Thing to do in Monterey Bay California

Majestic ocean views, wine tasting, wine tasting, spa retreats and golfing are just some of the things you can enjoy doing in when visiting Monterey. 

Its blessed location gives the visitor the opportunity to experiences things that are unique to this coastal town. 

Located in the California’s central coast this town at some point was the capital of Alta California, and it has been a town that has attracted artist for a long time . 

Here are just a few things you definitely can’t miss when visiting Monterey. 


Monterey Aquarium 

This is a non-profit public aquarium that features marine life mainly from Monterey Bay. Monterey Bay aquarium receives about 1 million visitors each year. Its aquarium features 20,000 sq. ft. of decks that oversee the bay. It is one of the most  popular aquariums in the world.

Some of the key things about the aquarium 

 Feature a sea water system, a kelp forest exhibit, and Open sea wing. It is also the only aquarium to display and care for a white shark and it plays an important role  in political advocacy for ocean conservation.

Wine Tasting 

A Monterey getaway wouldn’t be complete without a wine tasting tour Here are some of the best spots to do so:

  • Carmel Ridge Winery
  • Ventana Vineyards
  • Folktale Winery & Vineyard.
  • McIntyre Vineyards.

17 Mile Drive Pebble Beac

Some of the most stunning coastal cliffs ocean vie ws I have ever seen are located in  Pebble beach. Just outside Monterey, you can actually take the infamous 17 mile ride. The admission is only $10.50 per vehicle, but this is reimbursed if you purchase some stuff at the Pebble beach resorts. 

Some of the attractions you can see along the drive are: The golf Course, The Lone Cypress

Big Sur

Once you have completed the 17 mile drive head over to the Resort for some nice food and drinks. If you are up for it and want to keep going coasting down you will hit Big Sur located in Carmel. The whole ride going south on the 1 is just filled with stunning views cliffs, hills and some of the most beautiful sunsets I haver ever seen. You can literally drive all the way down to Santa Monica in the 1, but be aware that this will take you about 7-9 hours. 

Drive down the 101

The California coast is definitely one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. When I first drove down the California coast I couldn’t wrap my mind around all the beautiful scenery before my eyes. The only other place where I think that resembles the California coast is the Portuguese Coast. However I still think that California is more beautiful than its Portuguese counterpart.