Top Things to do in London

Top Things to do in London

London, once called the financial capital of the world. This amazing city and capital of Great Britain is one of the most popular cities to visit. Given that is an alpha city with great cultural and financial influence in the world, London is a city that you need to visit at least a few times in during a lifetime.

Wether you are taking a trip to Europe or just visiting the UK, here are the top things to visit while visiting London itself:


1.- Tower Bridge: This Bridge was built in 1886 and finished by 1894. It is an iconic symbol of the city.  You can access the bridge by foot or by vehicle. If you take one of those double decker bus tour it is for sure that you will cross through it. You can access the bridge exhibition at the high-level walkways and the Victorian engine rooms. You can actually visit the original steam engines that once powered the bridge bascules.

Through the walkways you can see the Tower of London and the Pool of London and there is even a glass-floored section.


2.- Tower of London. Is an iconic medieval castle considered a world heritage. The castle was used as a prison as well as other things such as an amoury, a treasurey, a menagerie the Home of the Royal Mint, a public record office and it is also home of the Crown Jewels of England. You can visit the Castle and its various exhibits in your next visit to London. Just make sure that you plan ahead in order to avoid crowds. Interesting things to see there: Crown Jewels, Battlements, Medieval Palace, Bloody Tower, Torture at the Tower exhibition and some floors of the White Tower. All other building remain closed due to COVID19


3.- Camden Town: Camden town has become a hype part of London. It was once an industrial part of the city. This is also the name of the borough it is in. A number of retail stores, and restaurants have moved into Camden. This city is also well known for its markets where you can find all sorts of stalls. Among them these ones stand out: Buck Street market, Stables market, Camden Lock village.and the indoor market located at the Electric Ballroom.

4.- Trafalgar Square: Located in the city of Westminster,  Trafalgar Square is an iconic landmark, and public square that is used often times for community gatherings, public demonstrations, protest, etc. The square is also the center of annual celebrations like New Year’s Eve. Norway donate a Christmas tree every year that is displayed in this Square.

5.- Westminster Palace and Big Ben

6.- London Eye 135mm Tall

7.- Piccadilly Square: Is a road junction and a public square it was built in  1819. Similar to

8.- Hyde Park

Hyde park is London’s main park

9.- Buckingham Palace.

10.- Canary Wharf: Located in the the Isle of Dogs peninsula this district is on of the main financial centres in the UK. This district is popular because its tall buildings, where the third-tallest building in the UK is located. This district contains 97 acres of office and retail space, it also features many open areas such as Canada Square, Cabot Square and  Westferry Circus.