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A Trip Through Indonesia

About a year ago I had the opportunity to visit Indonesia. This amazing county is one of the most populated and culturally diverse countries … Read More "A Trip Through Indonesia"

Olaya Herrera Airpot

If you are traveling through Colombia you will find that it take a long time to get around by land through buses. Even though … Read More "Olaya Herrera Airpot"

How to Travel during COVID

So this is our first international trip since the beginning of the pandemic. We came to Mexico City during … Read More "How to Travel during COVID"

How To Travel in 2021

2020 was definitely a challenging year for the travel industry. The pandemic made difficult to inspire confidence in people that were thinking of traveling.

Things You Should Do in Santa Monica

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam eu lacus vestibulum, iaculis dui at, lobortis felis. Vestibulum molestie a augue ut aliquet. Donec … Read More "Things You Should Do in Santa Monica"

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Tulum – Ven La Luz Daniel Popper

Tulum has become one of the most attractive new hot spots in the Riviera Maya. The developments of luxury condos and boutique … Read More "Tulum – Ven La Luz Daniel Popper"

Things to do in Buenos Aires

Next day early in the morning around mid day I took the bus back to Santiago Airport. I Took a late evening flight to … Read More "Things to do in Buenos Aires"

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Jomalig Island – Philippines

If you happen to be Island hopping in the south pacific we strongly recommend going to the Philippines.  The Philippines can offer a wide variety … Read More "Jomalig Island – Philippines"

Best Beaches in Los Angeles County

Santa Monica If you have ever watched American films, you are probably familiar with one of the most iconic beaches in the U.S and more … Read More "Best Beaches in Los Angeles County"

Kuala Lumpur Travel

One of the world’s most amazing cities is in Malaysia. A multi diverse vibrant city lies on central west coast of the peninsular Malaysia.  … Read More "Kuala Lumpur Travel"

5 Thing to do in Monterey Bay California

Majestic ocean views, wine tasting, wine tasting, spa retreats and golfing are just some of the things you can enjoy doing in when visiting … Read More "5 Thing to do in Monterey Bay California"

What to do in Paris

Paris, the world's capital of love. Paris is actually one of my favorite cities in Europe. I know this might sound a s a … Read More "What to do in Paris"

London England – Tour Guide

London, once called the financial capital of the world. This amazing city and capital of Great Britain is one of the most popular cities … Read More "London England – Tour Guide"


Denmark’s capital city. The city is full of history historic cites. The city is not that big in itself so most of the points … Read More "Copenhagen"


One of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Decorated with its unique beautiful architecture, Barcelona is definitely one of our most recommended destinations.  Sun-kissed city … Read More "Barcelona"

Las Vegas – Travel Guide on a Budget

Las Vegas - Stay in Las Vegas without breaking the bank. With a little bit of planning enjoy all of what Sin City has to offer on a budget